Pharmacists are among the most trusted health care professionals around the world. Dr. Cathy is a traditionally trained pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and over 35 years experience (e.g., in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, research, and hospital based practice).
As a pharmacist, Dr. Cathy is uniquely poised to help you discover which supplements are safe & effective for the indication you seek. She will educate you on the most cost effective way to meet your health goals. Dr. Cathy will give you unbiased feedback on the truth about dietary supplements and cut through all the marketing hype in this category.
Dr. Cathy has developed an eight balance point model for health and wellness. She will help you learn how to holistically re-balance in each aspect of the model. Collectively, her individual tips become a tool kit for long term health & healing.
Start your health journey with regular visits to your primary care physician who will coordinate your overall care plan. Then, visit Dr. Cathy for a more personalized and comprehensive approach to healing. You are an equal partner on your own multidisciplinary health team. Sign up for a consultation today!
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    In her book, Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug!, author Cathy Rosenbaum undertakes the complicated task of putting a realistic and evidence-based face on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) growth industry that is nominally regulated and controversial within the medical community. Her section on the role of the FDA and herbal medications is especially helpful to those that are thinking of starting or currently taking a wide range of nutritional supplements. She also weaves spirituality, mindfulness and guided imagery throughout the manuscript. For those interested in CAM this is an excellent place to start. – Richard G. Wendel MD, MBA